EDDYCAM - The camera strap made of elk leather

As unique as the person wearing it

EDDYCAM is the first and only ergonomic camera strap made from elk leather

Its ergonomic design, the use of Scandinavian elk leather and the elaborate production in a small German factory make EDDYCAM particularly comfortable to wear and at the same time extremely resistant - and therefore simply unique.

It is always a suitable, extremely attractive companion. Popular with quality and fashion-conscious individualists with style - and a sense for the extraordinary.

Perfect when demanding jobs are waiting

The possible uses of EDDYCAM are practically unlimited.

Its particular strengths come into their own when worn for a long time, in demanding outdoor use and in unusual environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold or humidity.

That is why EDDYCAM is not only the ideal camera strap for professional studio and press photographers, but also for naturalists and hunters. And of course for all ambitious hobby photographers who like to go stalking in the great outdoors - and don't want to do without comfort and reliability even in remote regions.

Real Passion For Aesthetics And NatureThe art of craft

The creation of our moose leather belts does not begin with the actual production in Germany, but much earlier - somewhere in the Scandinavian coniferous forest zone. Because this is where the moose live, on whose leather the high quality of EDDYCAM is based.

The elk leather is tanned and dyed in a small Finnish tannery and then sent to our factory in Bavaria for further processing. This is where the cutting, gluing and sewing as well as the application of the components takes place - everything with great care and, as befits an exclusive natural product, mostly by hand.

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