H&Y RevoRing Swift System Modules

H&Y RevoRing Swift System

2 years after the RevoRing was brought to the public, there was a lot of user feedback for the  RevoRing therefore, today, we are back with the most revolutionary filter system ever designed for photographers and Filmmakers. 

Introducing the H&Y RevoRing Swift system, the World’s First Magnetic Modular Filter System with variable step rings.

What is RevoRing?

REVORING is simply the world’s most advanced step ring adapter made for a camera lens. The variable blade technology gives any camera system user the ability to use 1 single filter on EVERY lens, without the need for multiple-step rings.  Simply twist, attach and turn.  No more annoying screwing in.  No more additional filters. We are now incorporating the REVORING technology into the new SWIFT filter system and you can now use only 1 filter system on EVERY single lens of yours.

What is RevoRing Swift Swift System?

The RevoRing Swift System is a fully Magnetic Modular Filter System for Photographers and Filmmakers to tailor a system for his/her own needs.  It is comprised of a 100mm Filter HolderCircular FiltersSquare FiltersDrop-in FiltersClip-on FiltersMatte Boxes, Hoods and Caps, ALL-IN-ONE. The Swift system saves you a great amount of installation time saves you a lot of money from buying filters & step rings, and allows for countless filter combinations & creative possibilities.

The REVORING Swift System can be divided into 3 layers ( BASE,  Bridge &  TOP ACCESSORIES).

The  BASE layer is our REVORING, allowing you to use the entire system on any lens thread.

The 2nd layer is the  BRIDGE, you can decide on the components (VND, Drop-in filter or just a Bridge ring) based on your filter needs.

The top layer is the  TOP ACCESSORIES. You can choose to add either the Square Filter HolderMatte Box or Hood. The 3 layers can be magnetically attached, making installation extremely easy.

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