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The Hand strap Sling-3 is built for absolute security and a comfortable fit. Made form the highest quality workmanship. This camera mount made from special yarn for secure grip strength and tear resistance.

Sling-3 has three fixation points: on the top and bottom of the camera housing, and the new fixation point on the wrist of the photographer. The idea: A patented magnetic fastener, that can be fit with the hand strap. This conjunction between the camera and wrist does not hinder any quick, simple release from the fastener. The patented safety catch is integrated into the wristband and hand strap. The principal is simple, quick and user friendly: While taking photos the Sling-3-hand strap guarantees a fast grip of the camera. The Sling- 3-Band assures safety from slipping out of the photographer’s hand, even while loosely carrying the camera. This will also keep your camera safe from possible theft. The Sling-3 enables you to comfortably carry your camera in your hand. The setting functions on the backside of the camera housing are conveniently available for use with your thumbs. The combination of the hand strap, wrist strap and patented magnetic fastener guarantees optimal user-friendly usage. As all EDDYCAM hand straps and camera straps, Sling-3 is made out of proven quality materials: very soft skin friendly Scandinavia elk leather. The extraordinary leather, incorporated with natural rubber is especially tough, and made with thermosetting nylon bands, stainless steel clips and solution free glue materials. Components of the Sling-3 are the hand strap with the fitting wristband and the patented magnetic fastener. Sling-3 is available for delivery in a standard size. Cameras without a bottom station for fastening the Sling, can easily be transformed with the “Plate 1”. Allowing EDDYCAM to present a user-friendly advancement with its field testing hand strap concept and also a very elegant eyecatcher.

Sling-3 with wristband and magnetic safety fastener can additionally purchase a plate with Arca-Swiss - Standard.

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