DEADCAMERAS Hand Strap for Lenses

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DEADCAMERAS Hand strap for lenses & other

NOTE: Due to the extensive range and options available we may not have every strap combination in stock for immediate delivery. However, if the combination of options you select for your order is not in stock we will contact you and provide an estimated delivery time frame if your specific strap.

Some lenses are so heavy that they come with their own strap. The awkward and impractical side of this is that when you mount them on a camera you will end up with 2 straps to carry along. This hand strap provides an elegant and practical solution for that.

It is simply easier to carry a heavy setup if one can grab it by the hand because it will not balance and can be hold firmly.

Also, because it sits on the bottom of the camera, the strap will not be a hassle while attempting to focus, setup or shoot.

Specially designed for the Leica R telephoto lenses or other lens brands, but can also be used for other purposes. For heavy duty, comes with 18mm split rings and the leather protection discs with 28mm are also larger than the regular ones.

Technical data:

  • Approximately 25cm long;
  • Inner strap is made of heavy leather;
  • Outer layer is made of top grain soft leather;
  • 18mm steel split rings to attach it to the lens or camera;
  • 2x 28mm leather protection discs;
  • Weight is approximately 35 grams.
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