DEADCAMERAS Elongated Leather Protection Disks

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DEADCAMERAS Elongated Leather Protection Disks + 16mm Split Rings

"Please note that all DEADCAMERA straps come with protection discs and split rings, therefore you only need these as a replacement for the strap that came with your camera".

Camera straps are the main cause of scratches to the camera body and a pristine camera holds it’s value better.

These elongated leather strap protectors are designed specifically for Leica M and other rangefinder cameras and will extend the protected surface of the camera up to the top plate, avoiding scratches and white marks to the camera caused by the metal parts and or rubbing of the strap on the camera surface.

Other cameras like the Fuji X-pro 2 or any other model that has the strap lugs on a lower position relatively to the top plate will benefit from the extra protection.

The hole for the strap lug is made tight to keep the leather strap protector steady in position. No need to further open the hole, because the leather is elastic, one just needs to push it in into position.

Distance from the strap lug to the upper point of protection is 20mm.

You get:

2x Elongated leather protection discs and 2x 16mm split rings.

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