CURA Lens Cleaning 
Cura Micro Wiper (Cleaning Paper)

A non-woven Wiper produced for the camera lens and/or any delicate surface. Made in Kochi Prefecture - famous for paper mills - this Micro Wiper come from a paper mill which makes industrial and medical papers to filter Sea Water, Bacteria and even Viruses.

The cross-section of this Wiper is characteristic, the spaced fibres form a "net" to catch water, oil and micro dust which explains the excellent clean-ability of this product.

The material is Acrylic and has both hydrophilic and lipophilic characters
(Which is rare for a cleaner of this kind)and perfect to clean off any camera or lens, including vintage lenses with soft coatings.
100 mm x 80 mm


Lens Cleaner 

Very popular among camera connoisseurs and camera repairmen, this Lens Cleaner contains no Alcohol, but a high dilution blend of industrial pure water and mild detergent. Works best when used with Cura Micro Wiper, leaving no residue on the surface even wiped roughly.

Cura Lens/Optical  Cleaning systems available through the following Dealers: