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Wonderful Safety Case Applications 

Industrial Fields

Regardless of petrochemical, aviation, navigation, electric power, nuclear power, or communication and medical industries, some expensive instruments or meters with high precision requirements are used. At this time, a high-quality equipment protection case is needed to ensure these instruments' Instrumentation and equipment product safety.

Military and Police Fields

Due to the particularity of this field, especially during field training and combat, such as moisture, dust, humidity and impact, etc. will cause damage to advanced optical instruments, testing instruments, criminal investigation equipment, guns and bulletproof vests carried by the army and police. The protection of this equipment and instruments is very important.

Outdoor Fields

During various outdoor investigations, camping, expeditions, out-of-home interviews by radio stations, photography and videography, etc., it is the most sensible choice to store equipment on the road with a safe waterproof case. Durable and reliable. The Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team used the Wonderful protective cases to store scientific research equipment and equipment, which was well received.

Cooperate with OEM Equipment Manufacturers

OEM, Wonderful has many years of experience in research, development and production, and can customize products of different sizes, colours and brands according to your requirements. The sponge in the box can be customized by CNC slotting. Provide professional supporting boxes for manufacturers of instrumentation, equipment and other industries.

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